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Our story.

Simplicity and authenticity are our most direct path to strong results.

We have combined our professional knowledge and experience in the leading team led by common values, goals, and striving for new horizons. Prior to this important step, our team was accompanied by numerous projects and experiences working and leading in the country's largest organizations and PR agencies, as well as sharing expertise in international projects. 

These particular experiences have made us to realize what unique value we can create for our customers. We have achieved a clear understanding - we want quality and a long lasting relationship, combined with practical and effective solutions, measured not by the name of the agency or difficult-to-understand professional jargon, but by a tangible result achieved.

In response to market challenges, we have chosen a form of activity that allows us to provide the highest quality services while minimizing the administrative burden on the customer - we chose to invest first in the expertise of the professionals involved in a particular project rather than the brand itself.

Today, our customers are vibrant small business and medium-sized companies to big corporations, which are keen on getting stronger: seeking simple to manage collaboration, honest and genuine partner focus, practical solutions mixed with a straight path to results.

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Gabija Vaiceliunaite

Partner, Founder

Communication strategist

8 years of communication experience in representing and consulting organizations in the public and private sectors. Skilled in strategic communication, reputation management, risk management. Communication expert in international projects in Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland. 

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